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What are the NCAA divisions?

Jan 2, 2024


Emily Kho

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a cornerstone of college sports in the United States, overseeing and organizing athletic programs at many colleges and universities. 

Understanding the NCAA's structure, particularly its divisions, is key to appreciating the depth and breadth of college sports. 

This article aims to demystify the NCAA divisions, providing clarity on their roles and differences.

Overview of NCAA Divisions

The NCAA is divided into three primary divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. These divisions help organize schools based on various factors, including the size of their athletic programs, the level of athletic scholarships they offer, and their commitment to athletic competition.

NCAA Division I

This is the most prominent division, featuring the largest universities with the biggest athletic budgets. Division I schools often have high-profile athletic programs, offering a significant number of scholarships. They are known for their high-profile athletic programs and include major college football conferences like the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC.

Division I is further divided into several conferences, each with its own set of rules and championships.

NCAA Division II

Division II serves as a middle ground between the highly competitive Division I and the more balanced Division III. Schools in this division still offer athletic scholarships, but there's a greater emphasis on a balance between athletics, academics, and extracurricular activities. 

Division II programs are competitive but place a higher value on the overall college experience of their student-athletes. Athletic scholarships are available but more limited compared to Division I.

NCAA Division III

This division is unique as it does not offer athletic scholarships. Division III schools prioritize the academic experience of their athletes, emphasizing participation in sports as part of the broader educational process. 

These programs are less competitive in nature but still maintain a high level of athletic participation.

College Football Conferences

In NCAA Division I, particularly in football, the division is further broken down into conferences. These conferences are groups of schools that compete primarily against each other. 

Some of the most well-known conferences include the Big Ten, Southeastern Conference (SEC), and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Each conference has its own unique history, rivalries, and level of competition.

How Many Conferences in College Football?

In NCAA Division I football, there are 10 primary college football conferences, each with its distinct identity and competitive landscape. These conferences are integral to the structure and organization of college football, influencing everything from regular-season play to postseason bowl games. 

Here's a brief overview of each conference:

  1. American Athletic Conference (AAC): A conference known for its competitive spirit and dynamic teams, the AAC has become a significant player in the college football landscape.

  2. Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC): Featuring some of the nation's most prestigious programs, the ACC is a powerhouse in college football, known for its high level of competition and historic rivalries.

  3. Big Ten Conference: One of the oldest and most storied conferences in college football, the Big Ten is renowned for its strong traditions, competitive teams, and passionate fan bases.

  4. Big 12 Conference: The Big 12 is celebrated for its high-scoring offenses and competitive play, making it one of the most entertaining conferences in college football.

  5. Conference USA (C-USA): This conference is known for its diverse group of schools and competitive balance, offering exciting and unpredictable football games.

  6. Mid-American Conference (MAC): Often referred to as the "Cradle of Coaches," the MAC has a reputation for developing exceptional coaching talent and competitive teams.

  7. Mountain West Conference (MWC): The MWC features teams known for their spirited play and has become a breeding ground for future professional talent.

  8. Pac-12 Conference: Renowned for its combination of athletic prowess and academic excellence, the Pac-12 is a leader in both sports and education.

  9. Southeastern Conference (SEC): Arguably the most prestigious conference in college football, the SEC is known for its elite programs, intense rivalries, and a consistent presence in national championship games.

  10. Sun Belt Conference: The Sun Belt has seen a rise in competitiveness and profile, known for its spirited teams and rapidly improving football programs.

In addition to the primary conferences in NCAA Division I football, there are also several independent schools that do not belong to any conference. These schools schedule their games independently and have unique criteria for postseason play. 

Conference Championships and Bowl Games:

Each of the 10 primary conferences in NCAA Division I football culminates its season with a conference championship game. These games are crucial, often determining which teams will participate in major bowl games and have a shot at the College Football Playoff. 

The excitement and intensity of these championship games capture the essence of college football, showcasing the best of each conference in high-stakes matchups.

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Final Thoughts

The NCAA divisions and their respective conferences form the backbone of college football, a sport that is deeply ingrained in American culture. Understanding these divisions and conferences is essential for any college football enthusiast. 

From the powerhouse teams of the SEC to the balanced competition of the MAC, each conference brings its unique flavor to the sport. At SeatGeek, we celebrate this diversity and invite fans to explore our NCAA pages for a deeper understanding of their favorite teams and conferences. 

Join us in experiencing the excitement, tradition, and passion of NCAA football.