Morgan Wallen’s Most Played Songs

Jan 18, 2022


Kristen Humphries

Maybe you’ve heard his music on your local country radio station, or on a playlist titled “summer tailgate.” As one of today’s biggest country music stars, Morgan Wallen is best known for coupling bright melodies with somber heartbreak poetry. Whether you’re a diehard Apple Music fan or Spotify playlist pro, Wallen’s most played songs chart the same universally. Below are the songs we found most notable, and if you want to see Morgan Wallen on tour in 2022, grab your tickets here

Broadway Girls (feat. Morgan Wallen) (28M+ streams)

If the 2000s are known for pop stars and pop-punk, the 2010s are known for the rap-country crossovers. We saw Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, Nelly and Florida Georgia Line, Ludacris and Jason Aldean, and now Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen. With the ability to reach new audiences, it’s no surprise this track sits at 28M+ streams (fewer than some of his other songs, but worth a mention nonetheless). What do you think? For the Wallen fans, did this track resonate with you, or is it a skip? Listen below:

7 Summers (178M+ streams)

What YouTube commenters label as “their favorite nostalgic country song,” Wallen pairs summery, relaxing music with a story of a past relationship. Listen as he details sweet memories and asks the questions we all do when reminiscing:

More Than My Hometown (204M+ streams)

A simple storyline about a hometown relationship that slowly grows apart as the pair grows up. This one (at least in our opinion) is dedicated to all those high-school sweethearts. Check it out:

Chasin’ You (255+ streams)

Possibly a sequel to ‘More Than My Hometown,’ Wallen references his same hometown and ex who headed west to anywhere out of this nowhere town. In classic country fashion, ‘Chasin’ You’ is a double entendre of chasing a shot of liquor and chasing the person who inspired this song. Listen here:

Whiskey Glasses (399M+ streams)

As the perfect introduction to Wallen’s songwriting style, ‘Whiskey Glasses’ is his classic singalong melody with heartbreaking lyrics. The track pays homage to the post-breakup, wallowing in self-pity, “what are they doing right now?” persona we all gravitate towards at some point. Sitting just shy of 400M streams, you’ll find this song on most of those “summer tailgate” playlists we mentioned earlier. Watch here: