Anastasia North American Tour: Tickets, Show Schedule & Cast

Jul 18, 2019


Alex Galbraith

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If you aren’t familiar with the musical canon, the story of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia can seem like an odd choice for song and dance numbers. The daughter of the last Russian Tsar was killed along with the rest of the royal family in 1918 by Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks. Rumors of her survival persisted, however, and it’s this hopeful take that forms the basis of the Anastasia stage show. If dying French revolutionaries, consumption-riddled bohemians and gut-shot founding fathers can all find the time to sing, then why not an orphaned duchess?

The stage adaptation of the 1997 musical of the same name has run for four years, spending the last one on tour. And they just announced another year of tour dates for people who want to know all about the rumors in St. Petersburg.

“It’s just incredible how much love visitors have shown for ANASTASIA over the last four years,” Dan Hinde of Stage Entertainment told Broadway World of the touring production. “We’re so excited to introduce her story to new and returning audiences across America and all across the globe.”

“Anya’s journey across America this last season has been an extraordinary experience for the entire company,” said producer Tom Kirdahy. “We are thrilled to share the sweeping score, gorgeous designs, and story of one strong young woman’s journey to discover home, love and family in our second year across North America.”

Anastasia Tickets & Show Schedule

Tickets to Anastasia are available on SeatGeek. You can find the next 20 shows listed below, or click here to view the schedule + tickets in their entirety. Use code BROADWAY20 at checkout to save $20 off your purchase of $100 or more.

Anastasia National Tour Dates 2019

The second year of Anastasia starts in San Diego on October 1. The tour will hit a number of cities for five days to a week at a time, staying on the road for nearly a year before closing out in Atlanta on August 2. Check out the full list of tour dates below.

Anastasia National Tour Cast

Role… ActorAnya… Lila CooganDmitry… Stephen BrowerLittle Anastasia… Victoria BinghamVon Rothbart… Ronnie Bowman Jr.Olga Romanov… Ashlee DupreGleb… Jason Michael EvansDowager Empress… Joy FranzTsar Nicholas II… Brad GreerTatiana Romanov… Kourtney KeittCountess Lily… Tari KellyPrince Siegfried… Mark MackillopVlad… Edward StaudenmayerAlexei... Addison ValentinoYoung Anastasia… Taylor QuickLittle Anastasia… Delilah Pellow