Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl Ticket Packages

Dec 13, 2019


Alex Gormley

With 2019 coming to an end in the blink of an eye, it’s time to start thinking about Super Bowl 2020 tickets. Unlike the regular football season, the Super Bowl’s ticketing system is a bit–ahem–confusing for the average fan. Lucky for you, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the different ticket packages being offered next year. Check ‘em out below.

How Are Super Bowl Tickets Allocated?

Super Bowl tickets are allocated in several different fashions. The two teams that end up making the championship game are allocated a hefty amount of tickets, with the rest of the teams in the NFL splitting a much smaller percentage of tickets amongst their season ticket holders. The NFL also allocates a sizable chunk of tickets for media partners and sponsors.

What About Ticket Packages?

Back in 2016, the NFL announced a few changes to their ticketing allocation, which included the decision to allow select licensed ticketing groups to sell packages to fans. These packages are available for purchase up to eight months before the Super Bowl, through On Location Experiences and Hall of Fame Experiences. On average, about 6,000 tickets are reserved for these packages for each Super Bowl.

On Location Experiences

On Location Experiences currently offers five different ticket packages, with prices per person ranging from $5,000 to $17,500. These packages do not include airfare or hotel accommodations, but those who buy the package are able to get access to hotel rooms at a block rate through the company.

The packages offered are as follows:

LegendsThe legends packages include lower bowl seating, which is located between the 10 and 20-yard line. In addition to the tickets, fans are also given access to the pre-game party and access to in-game clubs. Tickets in this tier run from $8,500 to $12,500.

ChampionsThe Champions tier offers access to a Premier Pregame party and the post-game celebration that takes place on the field. The tickets included in this package are in the lower bowl, between the 20- and 30-yard line, and will run you $12,500 a pop.

Sixty7The Sixy7 package offers all the same benefits as the Champions but the seats are a little bit better, as they are located on the 40-yard line. These tickets are $14,500 per seat.

On The FiftyThe most expensive package, as you could surmise from the name, includes the best seats in the house – tickets on the 50-yard line. Bundled together with on-field access postgame and the pre-game party, these tickets cost $17,500 per person.

Hall of Fame ExperiencesThe packages offered through Hall of Fame Experiences include tickets to the game, an autograph session with Hall of Fame players and access to a pregame party which will include appearances from NFL players such as Hall of Famer Barry Sanders, Willie Roaf and Antonio Freeman. These packages range in price from $4,700 to $12,000 dollars, depending on the location of the seats you choose.

Other Options?Outside of the officially licensed packages through the NFL, there are plenty of other companies that put together programs for NFL fans. Some of the popular options include Bullseye Event Group, Primesport and FanHospitality. These companies offer a wide variety of travel and lodging options, as well as tickets to the game.

One thing that these companies also put together are tailgating parties. Bullseye Event Group is known for their pre-game bashes. Each year Bullseye throws a tailgate party called the “Players Tailgate” which features active NFL players and celebrities, as well as extravagant food and drink options. This year’s bash is set to have 30 active NFL players in attendance and is going to be hosted by everyone’s favorite bleached-tipped foodie, Guy Fieri.

If you’re looking to attend this year’s Players Tailgate, you might want to start saving your pennies now as a single ticket will run you $750.

Non-Ticket Package Options

If you’re not looking to cash in your 401k in order to attend this year’s big game, there are other ways to get tickets without paying for the extra amenities included in the luxury ticket packages. If you’re an NFL season ticket holder, you’re automatically entered in a drawing to be able to purchase tickets to the Super Bowl at face value.

If you’re not an NFL season ticket holder, you can rely on secondary ticket sellers in order to score your desired tickets to the game.


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