Maggie Rogers 2023 Tour Dates

Jan 9, 2023


Kristen Humphries

This February, Indie queen and superstar Maggie Rogers will embark on a tour through North America. The announcement came shortly after releasing her second studio album, Surrender, which is only one of many recent noteworthy achievements. Aside from her musical endeavors, the singer and songwriter recently graduated from the Harvard Divinity School with a Master’s degree in Religion and Public Life.

When Maggie Rogers hit the stage at Coachella earlier this year, she did much more than perform as a singer– she showcased her newfound knowledge of the relationship between the artist and the audience. When asked about her broadway-Esque Coachella production, Maggie Rogers told critics that she used inspiration from her Harvard coursework to meticulously create everything from the setlist to how she entered the stage. 

The 2023 tour will support Maggie Rogers’ new album, and with everything we know about the creative genius, the Maggie Rogers tour will be a uniquely crafted masterpiece with high intentions.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 Maggie Rogers tour and how to find the most affordable tickets.

Maggie Rogers tour dates

The Maggie Rogers tour will start on the East Coast this coming February 9th, 2023, and weave its way through the states before wrapping things up on March 5th, 2023, in San Francisco, California. Here is a complete list of Maggie Rogers tour dates, times, locations and venues.

How much are Maggie Rogers tickets?

Ticket prices for the Maggie Rogers tour will range depending on the venue and seat location. Ticket prices are as low as $38.00, with an average price of $100.00. Let’s get into the specifics and where you can find the cheapest available Maggie Rogers tickets

The February 25th show in Houston, Texas, has the lowest ticket prices, starting at only $38.00. The February 26th show in Dallas, Texas, is coming in second place, with tickets listed at $47.00 each. Next up for the most affordable Maggie Rogers tickets is the March 1st show in Los Angeles, CA, with the lowest price starting at $54.00. 

Currently, the priciest Maggie Rogers tickets are for the February 15th show in New York, New York. The lowest ticket price for NY is $215.00, with an average price of $425.00. If you want the best view possible, Radio City Music Hall recommends choosing middle seats in Orchestra 4 or the 1st Mezzanine. Tickets in these sections start at $284.00 and run as high as $756.00.

Remember that ticket prices are always subject to change no matter what venue you plan on attending, so head to SeatGeek and grab them while they’re hot! 

How to get tickets to Maggie Rogers

Now that you know how much tickets cost for the Maggie Rogers tour, it’s time to get into action. SeatGeek is hands down the best place to browse for and purchase event tickets. You can start by heading to SeatGeek’s official Maggie Rogers tour page to view a complete list of tour dates and ticket prices. 

Once you select the desired tour date, simply browse for the best tickets using the filters and interactive seat map. 

What is Maggie Rogers’ setlist?

Although we won’t know the Maggie Rogers tour setlist until she takes the stage in February, we expect to hear original fan favorites and a fair amount from her new album, Surrender. Popular songs from the new record include hit singles ‘That’s Where I Am,’ ‘What Want’ and ‘Horses.’ You can listen to all Maggie Rogers songs below on Spotify: