Can you screenshot SeatGeek tickets?

Jan 2, 2024


Emily Kho

The world of digital ticketing is a realm of convenience, accessibility and efficiency. But it’s also a place of complexity and nuance. 

When it comes to the question, “Can you screenshot SeatGeek tickets?” there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, the acceptability of screenshotting your tickets depends on various factors, including the venue, type of event and even the ticket type itself. Different ticket providers and even different venues may have unique policies regarding the use of screenshotted tickets. 

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of digital ticketing and discuss different situations where screenshotting your tickets may not be accepted. We will also offer safer alternatives to ensure a smooth entry into your next event. 

What Happens If I Screenshot a Ticket? 

Digital tickets, also known as e-tickets or mobile tickets, have transformed the event ticketing landscape. They offer a level of convenience and flexibility that traditional paper tickets cannot match. However, like all things in life, there are circumstances where digital tickets might cause you a bit of inconvenience if you’re not prepared.

For example, if you screenshot your ticket, you may not be granted entry to the event. While your ticket might be valid, a screenshot may be deemed invalid. 

Scenarios Where Screenshotted Tickets May Not Work 

If you’ve spent a lot of time at large events, you’re probably aware that cell phone service can be far and few between. If your tickets are stored in your email, and you can’t get enough service to open the attachment, you might have difficulty getting into the event. 

To prevent this from happening, many people started screenshotting their emails as a means of ‘backup’ for accessing their tickets. While this technique might work for some venues, there’s no guarantee your screenshot will work. Let’s take a look at some scenarios where screenshotted tickets may not be accepted. 

  1. Barcode Quality: When you snap a screenshot of your ticket, it is no longer in the original formatting and thus may lose quality. If the barcode on your screenshot is pixelated, it may not scan correctly.

  2. Ticket Transfer Restrictions: Some ticket providers have restrictions on ticket transfers. Screenshots may not be a valid method of transferring tickets to someone else, potentially leading to complications.

  3. Venue Requirements: Certain venues may require the use of a specific mobile app or a printed ticket for entry. In such cases, screenshotted tickets may not be accepted.

  4. SafeTix: Many tickets have a barcode that regenerates every minute to ensure top security. If this happens, your barcode will continuously expire, and a screenshot will not work. 

What types of tickets should never be screenshotted?

While you can get away with screenshotting various ticket types, there are some ticket types that you should never screenshot. Most sporting events advertise that a screenshotted ticket is considered invalid under all circumstances. 

For example, the NFL, NBA and MLB have all advertised that screenshots will not be accepted. This is mainly because many sporting venues rely on new ticketing software and regenerating barcodes to protect against scammers and fake tickets. 

Alternative to Screenshotting Tickets

Instead of relying on taking a screenshot of your electronic ticket, there are various methods that you can utilize to store your tickets and ensure a hassle-free experience. Let’s review some of the most common ways to store an e-ticket on your device.

  1. Mobile Apps: Many ticket providers, including SeatGeek, offer dedicated mobile apps for ticket management. Using these apps can provide a more reliable and secure way to access your tickets.

  2. Mobile Wallets: Some smartphones have integrated mobile wallet features that allow you to conveniently store and access your digital tickets. If you’re worried about not having service on your device, this is a great option, as you can access your mobile wallet with or without service.

  3. Printed Tickets: When in doubt, you can always print out your ticket. In fact, some venues require that you physically print your ticket for entry. If you plan on printing your ticket, it’s smart to check with the venue ahead of time, as this method may not be accepted either. You should also remember that the quality of your printed ticket matters, and partially printed tickets may be denied.

  4. Transferring Tickets: If you need to share tickets with friends or family, we recommend using the official ticket transfer features provided by the ticket provider.  This will ensure a smooth and authorized ticket transfer and that nobody is left behind at the door. If you purchased your tickets with SeatGeek, simply head to the app, tap on tickets, and click send. You will be prompted to enter the recipient's phone number, username or email to send the tickets to their device fast and securely. 

Does SeatGeek accept Screenshots of mobile tickets? 

So, what about SeatGeek’s screenshot policy? Let’s say you’re planning on selling some of your tickets and wondering if you can screenshot the tickets from SeatGeek. Again, the answer isn’t just as simple as yes or no. SeatGeek allows you to upload screenshots of QR codes for mobile tickets. 

However, SeatGeek does NOT allow you to upload screenshots of mobile transfer tickets with changing barcodes. Similarly, a photo of a ticket would not be accepted. 

In conclusion, while screenshotted tickets may work for some situations, exploring alternative options, like downloading a dedicated mobile app, is advisable. By staying informed and prepared, you can ensure your digital ticketing experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible!