All About SeatGeek Promo Codes

Aug 31, 2018


Angela Bunt

As the web’s largest and most trusted ticket search engine, SeatGeek loves offering their customers promo codes so they can enjoy as many live events as possible.

Although you may have noticed our SeatGeek promo codes floating around on several discount retail and coupon sites, the most trusted way to find savings is by getting your code straight from the source.

Read on for answers to your burning promo code questions. And when you’re done with that, use code SEATGEEK10 for $10 off your first purchase on SeatGeek of $150 or more.

How Do SeatGeek Promo Codes Work?

SeatGeek creates lots of different promo codes for different things. Make sure if your promo code is for a specific artist or event that you are using it on said event or it may not work. There are also general promo codes for first-time users, or for purchases over a certain dollar amount.

How Do I Apply My SeatGeek Promo Code?

You can enter your promo code on all SeatGeek platforms on the Settings/Me tab. You can also input a promo code on the checkout page.

Where Can I Find SeatGeek Promo Codes?

SeatGeek sends promo codes and deals through their app (turn on push notifications), emails/newsletters, and on their live events blog TBA (which you’re reading right now). They will typically be for savings on large sporting events or major tours.

You can also do a Google search for SeatGeek promo codes, but make sure to only use those that come directly from SeatGeek.com and not untrusted retail sites.

I Forgot to Apply My Promo Code!

Forgot to enter your promo code? Have another question? Check out our FAQ or email us at hi@seatgeek.com.