When is the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets?

May 3, 2016


Angela Bunt

If you’re a live music enthusiast–especially a fan of popular artists like Adele or Radiohead–you’ve likely found yourself in this position. You’re trying to get tickets during an on-sale, they sell out instantly, and you’re left wondering if you should pull the trigger on resold inventory or wait and see if the price drops.

If you wait too long, will the price go up? Or if you pay right now, will you be kicking yourself closer to the event for getting gouged?

Writer Brady Fowler from Decibels & Decimals, a music data blog, has delved into this very question in a recent post. Entitled, “When Should You Buy Concert Tickets?” Fowler combs through some SeatGeek data to try and find the ultimate answer to the question nagging concert-goers over the last few years.

At a high-level, what he discovered was that price fluctuations vary depending on artist. With musicians like Rush, U2 and Billy Joel, ticket prices increased closer to the event. Alternately, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters saw a decrease in ticket prices as the concerts drew near.

If you’d like to read more about this, and/or you have a penchant for data, you should head here to check out the rest of the article which includes fancy graphs and more detailed explanations.

To stay on top of your favorite artists’ tour announcements, plus track their ticket prices on the secondary market, set up a personalized SeatGeek account and add them to your favorites list!

(Image courtesy of Freepik.com)