Eras Tour vs. Renaissance Tour: What's the biggest tour of 2023?

Nov 15, 2023


Kristen Humphries

When two music industry titans embark on epic tours in the same year, it’s a spectacle worth celebrating. For the last few months, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have been gracing us with their presence and show stopping performances across the globe. The two female superstars have raked in millions in showtime revenue while attracting thousands of fans and A-list celebrities in the process. 

From fan-centric stories to sold-out shows and parking lot parties, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about Taylor Swift’s 'Eras Tour' and Beyonce’s 'Renaissance Tour.' This article is not to pit the two against each other but rather to celebrate their shared glory and iconic moments in what was truly an unforgettable year of pop glam. 

Unforgettable Setlists  

The heart of any concert lies in its setlist, and both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have curated performances that leave fans in awe. On average, Taylor Swift’s setlist includes 46 songs, two of which are surprise acts that vary between each show (some with special guests). As the name suggests, the “Eras” Tour represents Taylor Swift’s journey and career as an artist and pulls an equal amount of songs from each album.

As for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, the setlist features roughly 35 songs per show and is less of a revelry of her career and more of a celebration of her recent Renaissance album. As such, Beyoncé’s setlist consists of mostly new songs with some classics sprinkled throughout her set. Most surprisingly, Queen Bey has featured a few unreleased covers throughout her tour, including Rose Royce’s ‘I’m Going Down’ and Tina Turner’s ‘River Deep-Mountain High.’ 

Beyoncé’s Unparalleled Renaissance Tour Performances 

One word comes to mind when describing Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s performances: electric. While it’s no question that their performance styles are wildly different, they are equally captivating. 

Beyoncé’s Miami show took an emotional turn when she invited her 11-year-old daughter on stage during her performance of ‘My Power.’ It was a touching moment that showcased the bond between a mother and daughter while emphasizing female empowerment. 

In Houston, Texas, Beyoncé surprised her audience by bringing Megan Thee Stallion on stage to join her in a captivating performance of ‘Savage.’ The energy in the room was electrifying as the two powerhouse artists shared the stage in an unforgettable collaboration.

Additionally, Beyoncé’s performance of ‘Energy’ holds a unique power of its own. In a moment of sheer artistry, Queen Bey asks the crowd to be completely silent after uttering the words, ‘Look around, everybody on mute.’ During these moments, Beyoncé’s presence transcends the stage, leaving the audience in awe of her commanding stage presence. 

Taylor Swift’s Most Iconic Eras Tour Moments 

Taylor Swift’s 'Eras' performances have been nothing short of magical moments for old fans and new fans alike. In Nashville, where it poured during her show, Swift demonstrated her unwavering dedication as she performed fiercely throughout the downpour. It was a testament to her professionalism and commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience for her fans.  

One of the delightful traditions of Taylor’s Eras Tour is her ‘22’ hat giveaways. During the performance of ‘22,’ Taylor places her signature black hat onto one of her lucky guests in the audience. It was especially heartwarming in Los Angeles when she chose to gift her hat to Bianka Bryant, the daughter of the late Kobe Bryant, creating a touching connection with her fans. 

The surprises didn’t end there. In Seattle, the crowd was treated to a special appearance by Haim during ‘No Body, No Crime,’ adding an unexpected twist to an already sensational performance. And in Jersey, the audience was left astounded as Ice Spice appeared for a remix of ‘Karma.’ 

These unexpected moments showcase Taylor Swift’s ability to create unforgettable memories at every tour stop, leaving her fans with stories to treasure for a lifetime. 

The Power of the Beyhive 

Beyoncé’s fan base, known as the BeyHive, is a force to be reckoned with. They’re more than just fans; they’re a loyal and passionate community. The BeyHive’s dedication is evident in their elaborate fan art, dance covers and heartfelt messages expressing their admiration for the artist.

During Beyoncé’s Texas show, the state and fellow BeyHives demonstrated their unwavering support by placing a giant disco hat in Fort Worth, Texas, turning the city into a dazzling homage to the artist. Their incredible outfits have also garnered significant attention. In fact, the BeyHives fashion has been so impressive throughout the Renaissance Tour that Vogue dedicated a whole feature to showcase their unique styles and undying love for Beyoncé.

For many members of the BeyHive, witnessing Beyoncé live in concert was a childhood dream come true. Having grown up listening to her music for decades, seeing her perform on stage was a deeply emotional and fulfilling experience. Beyoncé’s music has been the soundtrack of their lives, and her concerts are a testament to her lasting impact on her fans. 

Swifties Fan-Centric Celebrations 

Taylor Swift fans, often called Swifties, are known for their unwavering devotion. They go the extra mile to create memorable moments. In fact, some fans are so eager to be part of the experience that they flock to her sold-out shows, even if it means listening from the parking lot. 

Swifties are also masters of creating memorable moments, and their creativity knows no bounds. Many of them have spent hours crafting friendship bracelets adorned with lyrics and album art, which they distribute to fellow fans (and members of the VIP tent) in the crowd. Others have spent weeks studying Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour outfits and meticulously curating replicas of her sparkly ensembles.

In one particularly heartwarming instance, a devoted fan celebrated her wedding during the Eras Tour, turning the event into a testament to her love for Taylor Swift and her partner, creating a truly unforgettable memory. 

The Verdict: A Year of Musical Majesty 

As Taylor Swift and Beyoncé fans, we are truly blessed in 2023. Both artists have delivered unforgettable experiences, and choosing between the Eras Tour and the Renaissance Tour is a delightful dilemma. Instead of comparing them, let’s celebrate the fact that we have the privilege of witnessing two musical icons in their prime. 

Whether you’re a die-hard Swiftie, a devoted member of the BeyHive or simply a lover of pop music, these tours offer something extraordinary. From the emotional nostalgia of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to the awe-inspiring grandeur of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, there’s no wrong choice here. 

While Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour has ended, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will continue into 2024 across the US. Looking to save a little money on tickets? Use our code BLOG20 for $20 off your first eligible purchase of $100 or more!